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Monday, January 19, 2009

When the EYES meet the HEART

Thanks to SS, I went to the cinema for the very first time here, and watched the movie titled " 7 Pounds". SS treated me a cup of DOME mocha drink and the ticket as well.

At first I thought "7 Pounds" is a comedy or some sort of movie related to how people go on diet and lose weight, but wait, it is the totally opposite.
Starred by Will Smith(my all time fav actor), this film is not quite a blockbuster compared to the other recently-screened movies, but it is such an emo one, to me.

I can be very emo sometimes, but surprisingly, this movie is SUPER SUPER emo. I was stunned even after walking out of the theater, amazed by how delicate the plot and settings of the movies are; most importantly, it's Will Smith's masterful body language that had successfully delivered the main ideas of the movie.

It is simply a fantastic movie. Meaningful, moving and touching.

7 Pounds begins with how Ben(Will Smith) was looking for good and decent people, who needed help to continue with their lives. He desperately tracking down Emily Posa, Ezra, and a few others who was having troubles with their own lives, so that to ensure that they deserve helps.

Emily needed a heart transplant, Ezra needed a pair of Eyes, and so, in the end, Ben committed suicide and donated his heart and eyes for them. Besides, Ben also donated part of his liver, and his bone marrow while he was alive, and helped a single-mother to settle into his house, before he finally kill himself to donate his organs for both Emily and Ezra.

The reason why he did that, is mainly because he was feeling guilty after causing a car crash that killed 7 persons, including his loved one, his wife.
Througout this 2 hour long movie, Ben is constantly testing and determining the people he is about to help, and also being tested at the same time as he stumbled upon Emily who he fell in love with, at last.

I highly recommend this movie to everyone of you here, I can assure that you will THINK and FEEL alot from 7 Pounds, by Will Smith, and it is probably going to change your mindset and attitude towards life.

Xiao Ming

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Unknown said...

he is my all time favourite too! Sure gonna watch it!