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Saturday, January 31, 2009

500 dollars and 50cents

I passed a 500 dollars test yesterday

then I treated myself a 50 cents Mc Donald Sundae Cone.
I love their Sundae Cone here coz it has very strong MILK taste, plus, it's cheap > 50cents

I was lucky to have met Tony, the examiner from City West center.
If not I would not have passed so easily.

And if I really failed yesterday, I would really really cry for the examiner to see, for my 500 dollars.

And If really failed, then like what fren said, it would be KNS. KNS!

Feel like cubit-ing him now. Tony is so cute :)

damn i must be out of my mind.

Sorry I'm over excited now

writing also out of order



Angel said...

hahaha..yeah..kns..that's the fren..lolz!

Live Station said...

hmmm yea lor..

dunno who taught me one lor :P..

"kns" is a powerful and useful adjective!


LucasLost said...

u been driving around so much... how can fail?