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Friday, January 9, 2009

Tsunami in Australia

Today spent a WHOLE afternoon in the city, and I witnessed a never-before-tsunami hitting the Australian coastline.

I am serious. It was really a tsunami.

It happened right after an airplane flew by my friend crashed into the Swan River.
If this thing happened in BM, then Tokun would have been destroyed by half of its original size.

No joking. 做人不可以乱乱放飞机。


Angel said... fast u alry can see it by ur own eyes lea..tsunami..izzit normal at other countries?

Live Station said...

errrr... I am really laughing at the screen now

it was a tsunami, caused by the AirPlane my friends "put" me

被朋友放飞机,然后飞机撞进海里, 然后引发海啸。



zhi ling said...