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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pondan Feeling

What is Feeling?

and what is Pondan?

Let's give them a rock.....

Here comes the story of a chinese boy
when he feels sucks he say "Damn you , ok?"
when he go to school people call him "Hey there! gay gay!"
when he fail his test, his momma cut him like cooking a stingray

Ugly girl chase me I say "you wanna get me yo ?"
I say "you gotta wait till i say so"
you tell me you wanna marry me coz you're old
but I say I'm not yet lomo

He wanna chase girl one day
He say " walau you're so cute" instead of " I Love You Babe"
The girl slapped him and turned away
Then only he realized that girls nowadays are no play play

Budak Cina got a big dream some day
He wanna become Malaysian's first spaceman
But who knows, Muzzafar told him, "No way, I'm the man"
"You thought the cockpit got so BIG punya space meh?"

Of course, he never give up anyway lor
Got time also go taman kap lui lor
At least got kesi kesi jogging got slim jor
When you ask him" Go taman what for?"
He say:" Exercise lor!"

When boy boy blog about his love story
friends say story too sad , must change already
when boy boy wrote in his blog " You PoRaaaaa lar Value Sammi !"
friends say he too rude and too racist

So, he asks himself, " what kind of feeling is this?"
Feel Shit Eat Shit and got shit, but why cannot say "shit!"?
Then if feel happy wanna say " I'm a dead meat?"
Then if feel sucky wanna say " walau, I'm so happy!"?

Mama say if got Sai must pang chut lai,
Cannot 3 days baru go toilet ki gek sai,
If Bak Jiu Zheng ki lai,
Must be you always Luan Luan lai!

Anyhow, Internet is a weird place to lepak-ing
write things cannot always write betul feeling
so if you ask me,
"what the F*** is this??"
then I'll tell you,


I think ppl dont get this too clearly:

(Definition of Pondan : Not Boy Not Girl, Not Man Not Woman, Not Aunty Not Uncle, Not 3 Not 4. Which means, it is UNUSUAL!!!!!!!!!)



Angel said...

wah funny lar this post although i dont really get what it means still..

Live Station said...


Pondan = not boy not girl = 不男不女
= 不三不四

which means...

bloggers sometimes are suppressed from speaking out!

no freedom of speech! (no privacy pun) haha

Anonymous said...

es ist urlustig!!!
(figure it out by yrself what m i wana tell u~hehehe~~go get translator loe~~)

Live Station said...

haiyo... i know lar..
not funny lar..

T.T lol