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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Kepo Chi & My New Year Resolutions

The not-so-cow Cow i drew in Paint

Things happened every minute and second in our lives, whether you like it or not. 2008 had been quite a memorable year to me, but at the same time it is a bit distress to look back at it all the time since 1st of January. What's worse is that, time does not stop just because it is a brand new year for everyone to have a fresh start. Time and tide wait for no men.

I've set my own new year resolutions, and they're of No big goals or unreachable targets. I set realistic goals, or I shall say the most basic things that I should do.

1. Concentrate on my studies. Put full force in catching up lessons I've missed or forgotten.

2. Pass all papers, at least, a pass.

3. Sleep early.

4. Get rid my addiction towards MSN Messenger and internet. This is serious.

5. Exercise regularly. Even though I might not have enough time for that or I might be tired after uni lessons, I want to keep myself fit and alert all the time.

6. Put off weight > 15 KGs at least.

7. Pick up the local accent as soon as possible.

8. Always hold onto my principle "Can see but no touch".

9. Always be in a state of "high-motivation". Reduce my taste for melancholic elements.

10.Get a part time work and fit it in well into my schedule soon after my course starts.

11. Importing in an organ/keyboard into my room! This is a must!

I must do it I must do it I must do it, be yourself again dude!


Being a Kepo Chi is not a bad thing. People can gossip and have fun talking about others personal problems. But it will cause A LOT of unnecessary misunderstanding and also problem just because of the "ke-Kepo-Chi-an" of someone.

Never intend to do things or make decisions for me. I call that kind of action "KePO".
When I say something is OVER, I really mean it. I do not wish to recall or being reminded of old stuffs over and over again. Yea, I'm that kind of people that get moody quite easily, but the LAST THING I would ever expect people to give me is sympathy. I dont need Sympathy from Anyone. I dont like being treated like a sicko or as someone looking for attention all the time. My thinking in some aspects might be a little bit immatured sometimes, but that doesnt mean that I can't handle myself well. As I said above, I'll be less sadist and become more of a happy go lucky man.

So, one thing for my friends,


Happy New Year to everyone! Let's celebrate 2009!



Unknown said...

lol i agree with that... kepo with me is ok.. kepo for me.. errrrrrr pls don't.... what if is a big secret? haah

Live Station said...


ya pun hor...

never thought of that situation..

hmmm.... then that is not kepo for me also... it is "kepo with other ppl" liao LoL!