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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

For Friends or Benefits?

Do you befriend others out of your own benefits, only?
Have you came across a situation whereby you make friend with a person because you know he/she has got what you want? And perhaps so, you even think that you can make use of him/her for your own good in the future?

It is sad that people nowadays are so realistic, demanding, and self-centered.

I have a few "friends" of that kind as well, but at least I'm not irritated because they did not cause me much trouble, and most importantly, I'm not like them.

People have been asking me to approach a certain group of people, mix with them, so that I can retrieve some benefits that they claimed, would make my life easier. Yes, I know it helps a lot to have friends giving you a helping hand when you're alone and in trouble, but,
IS THAT the ONLY reason why we make friends?

Haiz... So scared I'd be like that one day.

Xiao Ming

1 comment:

CY said...

hey!! lots of "this kind of ppl" in my place... the teacher training college.. imagine, future teachers