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Thursday, January 29, 2009


Well, I have to admit one thing.

I often FAIL in my life. Many things.

I fail in school exams, I fail to entertain people, I fail to earn more money, I fail to remember small things in my life, I fail to fulfill other people's wishes, MOST OF THE TIME.

But tell you what, I AM NO 100% FAILURE.
I do succeed in some areas, but of course, just very few of them.
Success comes with a price, and very often, successes are VERY EXPENSIVE.

To me, hard work is only sap sap water. The "really" "hard" thing is mental suffer. When you expect something to happen, you have hope. When you have hope, you'll get disappointed easily.

To suffer psychologically is very bad. You get bored easily. You'll lose direction in your life. The worst thing, YOU WILL EVENTUALLY DOUBT YOURSELF.

When you doubt yourself, GAME OVER. Bye bye. You'll dive into a bottomless sea and never get to the surface anymore.

But I always believe in one thing when coping with serious challenges:

"Prepare for the worst, and work the best out of yourself."

This theory keeps me running until tonight. Tomorrow? Dont know.

Please let meeeeee PASSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

I DONT WANNA FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Angel said...

ahaha..from the start of post i alry know what u wanna mention..hahaha!eh..dont so nervous la..take it easy..although i know the $$ part is still unacceptable..lolz!

Live Station said...

yea of course! i get nervous easily when i know i am about to lose something greaattttttttttt

B U T!

wooo!!!!!! i passed this freakin weird and expensive test!

wooo hoooo! celebrate the day! wooo hoooo!

huimei said...

yes !! tat's true !!
success is expensive.but of coz ,we hv to wor hard for it !!
btw , good luck !!