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Friday, May 15, 2009


Tagged by Dowie Ying , on 'your three favorite albums'.
Have no idea who to tag, so I wont be taggin' anyone today.. hehe
I will start this tag with Kitaro...

This is the first album my dad bought me when i was in standard 5 primary school. Kitaro's musics are the sound from heaven, my dad said. However, during the music lesson at school, my music teacher then, played the music video of kitaro for us to watch. I got chased out from the class because I told 王竞德老师 that Kitaro looks like a beggar. Yea, he looks like one... haha
I still like it alot, it was in cassette by the time.:) I got a few strokes at my backside from him as well, in same year. LOL

'A Rush of blood to the head' is the best album I ever had. By the band COLDPLAY which released their latest hits Viva la Vida, this album was released about 8 years ago. I bought one in batu ferringhi for 6 ringgit, original or pirated one, i dont know :P
It is by far the ONLY band that produces wonderful songs and music ALL THE TIME. It's not like only one or two songs in an album are nice, its ALL songs in ALL albums of Coldplay are nice. Still, I prefer A Rush of Blood To The Head.

Enrique Iglesias is my favorite english Single. In terms of Single, he produces most of the best songs in this album, Escape. Among the songs are Hero, Escape, and his older songs, Bai La mor. Superb!

For Chinese Singles, I would vote for Jay Chou and Wu Bai. :):)


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YinYing said...

wakaka..I love kitaro too!!!! gorgeous :D

and thanks for replyin XDD