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Monday, May 4, 2009

Geh Gao

"Geh Gao" is a hokkien term that refers to someone who pretends to be a smart, while in fact, that person is not.

I'm being one Geh Gao person today (just for t0day only) because I ruined two of my coursemate's marks (only one mark lor..sorry lor...) by telling them the wrong answer for buffer calculation.

Hehe. Dont hit me, I know I'm kiam pak, but I didnt do it on purpose!

Feeling like a jerk, but what can I do?Isn't it cute? Hehe

Just like what Soo Chuen loved saying at me "Mai Luan lar, Lu Mai Gek Gao Gao lar!" (Shut up, dont be smart!)

Ok, time to shut up.



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