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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Double Pass to "My Year Without Sex"

Yup. Two movie passes to the MYWS were sent to where I stay today, thanks to Nuffnang! Muacks! Nuffnang Muacks!

Nuffnang? Muacks!

Yea, Nuffnang loves bloggers, and bloggers love Nuffnang. The only thing I dont understand about Nuffnang is why they have not yet advertise anything on my blogs, meaning I dont get to earn anything. But, who cares, I've got tix :P

The problem is, Two Passes. 2, Dua, 两个, Irnde, II.
Who can I go with????

Yea, no one.

Eh, Jerk258, wanna be my first date?
Boy and Boy watch this movie together? It just doesnt sound quite right. LoL

xiao ming


amce said...

sounds so ga......

bah , i didnt say anything :D

Dave said...

Glad you got the tickets! Hope you enjoy it!

Regarding ads, we should be running them soon!

Nuffnang Australia

Live Station said...

amce: i know i really sounds GG lol

Dave: thanks! dont worry about the ads, but you can consider putting ads in, which has higher traffic than this/

David Joshua Lee Chun Keat said...

hey blogger, take me away with u !!

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