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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How to be YOUNG?

Someone please tell me how to LOOK and SOUND younger. Not asking for advice on how to become more childish, but how to be YOUNGER.

My physical appearance? My speech? My actions? My facial expression? My wearing? What else? And How?

FAST FAST gimme suggestions on how to become a YOUNGER-21-year-old. Fast lar! Haiyo..


amce said...

... are you look that old? XDD

Angel said...

why?what's happening there?lolz!

MINSYN said...

Simply Law of Attraction..
Your question of how to be young should give way to the question of "why others are old". You'll be who you think you want. A reversed engineering...

Yin Ying said...

you want mentally young or physically young?? XDDD

Age is chronological and as a result, is a number, while being youthful or old is a state, and NOT a number - from Google :D

Unknown said...

be friend with more young people... then you will feel young.. when u feel young.. you will look young.. simple... law of attraction.