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Life Is Too Short,
Break The Rules, Forgive Quickly,
Kiss Slowly, Love Truly,
Laugh Uncontrollably,
And Never Regret Anything
That Made You Smile.
Life May Not Be The Party
We Hoped For,
But While We're Here, We Should Dance...

Saturday, December 27, 2008

To Stalk, Or Not?

To remember something is freakingly easy


To forget something, especially someone special to you

you can never easily shed it away from your head.

I dont think she knows my LiveStation blog

and probably

she doesnt even know who I am

But the impact I received from her
was so strong.

She doesnt have good shape
She doesnt look so smart
She doesnt sound so sweet


She changed my point of view on me, myself.
She had practically led me to a new path and direction of my own thinking.

I know this sounds weird, but believe me, this feelings, to me, is very weird too.

I'm given a chance to start over a new life here
but honestly, can I really make it?
Can I just forget about her?


Disclosure: This is not love-at-first-sight. This is not even a Love issue. It's about feelings. It's about miracle of life.


Angel said...

hahaha..that girl..yeah..good luck then!you can make it!!

zhi ling said...

hahaha... you got damn lots of chance at perth! GAYAO ahhhh~~!!!!!

Live Station said...

what are you two up there thinking?

i wanna forget, not to chase



David Joshua Lee Chun Keat said...

Hey fren, I guess they just dun understnad, I understand dude. Keep it up.. Forget her is the best way.