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Friday, December 12, 2008

Memoirs of another normal boy 3

Yup. I admit that I held a girl's hand when I was in standard one.

To be precise,during the FIRST school Day of standard one.

While other parents were busy dragging their crying kids into the school in the first day, I was left outside the school and searched my way in to the school compound. Halfway, I met this girl, Koh. She was just like me, alone and heading to no where in the school. Did not remember exactly how we get to know each other so "fast", we held our hands, side by side, carrying our school bags and follow the crowd to the gathering spot.

My parents asked me how was my first day at school.

I told them I held a girls hand into our class room.

I remember how my mom reacted.

" AIYO! Cannot simply touch girls one you know!"

My first physical encounter with a girl during my first day of school,

shook the dinner table, hard,

with my dad choked by the rice in his mouth.

I think my dad and mom have already forgotten about that incident, but I'm sure it had somewhat traumatized their subconscious mind for a few years after that. That is why I was constantly being asked, or "investigated" of my "friendships" with females at school, until the end of my primary school life.

Spending six years of tears and laughter in SRJK (C) Jit Sin B is never a waste of time in my life. Although I am still wondering if I had really learned how to do + - x / when I was in primary school, each and every moment I fooled around the school has very profound impact in building my personal character afterward.

And also, I would like to thank all my SRJK (C) Jit Sin B teachers for their sacrifices and also for their "special" attention throughout my entire study life in that school.

Xiao Ming

(Disclosure: Koh and I were in the same class for a few years, and went into the same high school, no special relationships formed between two of us though. But we are still friends and, I still remember what happened to us in the first day of my school. LoL)


Angel said...

man..i will vote for this passage of funny duh!!haha!!how come u stil rmb de..swt..

Live Station said...


still remember, of course.


Unknown said...

is not just funny it is somehow those tien zhen wu xie de xiao shi hou!

Live Station said...

yea lucas,

i m missin those dayz wwhere our minds were not "polluted" yet! haha

Chun Keat said...

wah, u never told me