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Friday, December 12, 2008

Memoirs of another normal boy 2

Received complaints from relatives recently
for not being able to communicate with them
using proper English

This reminded me of how the late Mdm Phan taught me English Language.
She caned me for not knowing what does "Goods" means.
I used to be so afraid of her
and her Xtra Large rattan cane.

she died in a car accident 2 years after i graduated from primary school. I couldn't sleep for nights because of that, and I felt terribly sorry for making her angry in almost every English lesson.

And I remember
I was still struggling to pass my English paper in Form1
when Mrs Theshilla failed my tests for a few times, in one year.
Then only I knew, that my English sucks.

I was encouraged by my form two English teacher, Lau Lai Yong who gave me a beautiful 80marks for my term exam. I was so crazy for English till I tried memorizing my pocket dictionary. Then after this, Lee Lai Peng, also another good English teacher who helped me to pass my PMR English papers. I suspected Lau Lai Yong and Lee Lai Peng were mother-daughter teaching in SMJK Jit Sin. Haha.

My command of English has not improved much since then, till now.

I was really in a deep thought, again, yesterday, after being complained for my "multiple conviction" of Language crime.

Well, yeah... Gotta pick up another English novel soon.. LoL

Xiao Ming

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