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Life Is Too Short,
Break The Rules, Forgive Quickly,
Kiss Slowly, Love Truly,
Laugh Uncontrollably,
And Never Regret Anything
That Made You Smile.
Life May Not Be The Party
We Hoped For,
But While We're Here, We Should Dance...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I would like to wish all of you here a Merry Christmas, and also a wonderful year ahead.

Sent a few presents to friends just before I left BM. Sorry if I missed you out, I was in a rush and not everyone received my cards this year. :(

Well, Christmas is all about Joy and Hope, right?
Hope you all enjoy the Christmas celebration this year!

I'm now in no mood to write much. Anyhow, getting a little bit overexcited since yesterday. Haha

A million thanks to the wishes and blessings from all of you guys and girls!

Good Bye, and Take Care!

Xiao Ming


zhi ling~ said...

OH MY....
are u leaving for...
ur future?...
is this the moment that u told me before that u most probably won be coming back..?
i dun even have the chance to say goodbye...

dats too bad...

neway, stay happy, stay healthy...
and most importantly, keep in touch ah!

miss you, my fren!
take care!~

Live Station said...

haha...true..i dont know when i'll be coming back..

but for sure, I will go back lar!


earliest after 2 years? or maybe after 4 years?

just stay in touch on msn lar..


take care!