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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Review on my 2009 New Year Resolution

I set myself a list of new year resolutions last year, and its now the time to see IF I achieved anything, and creating a new list for the year of Tiger.

In 2009.....

1. Concentrate on my studies. Put full force in catching up lessons I've missed or forgotten.

A fairly relaxing first year at uni, for me. Didn't give 100% in my studies.

2. Pass all papers, at least, a pass.

Passed all papers, not all HD's though.

3. Sleep early.

Slept too early. Wish to maintain this habit.

4. Get rid my addiction towards MSN Messenger and internet. This is serious.

Became quite attached to FB and MSN before the major exam of the second semester.

5. Exercise regularly. Even though I might not have enough time for that or I might be tired after uni lessons, I want to keep myself fit and alert all the time.

Managed to go for a run, probably once or twice every week.

6. Put off weight > 15 KGs at least.

Not achieved.

7. Pick up the local accent as soon as possible.

Get tongue-tied whenever I got nervous, Malaysian slang slowly fading away...but it still doesnt sound even a bit like the locals.

8. Always hold onto my principle "Can see but no touch".


9. Always be in a state of "high-motivation". Reduce my taste for melancholic elements.

The busier I got, the less worries I had. Getting a little emo especially during holidays.

10.Get a part time work and fit it in well into my schedule soon after my course starts.


11. Importing in an organ/keyboard into my room! This is a must!


Generally, I'm satisfied with my performance last year, but still there are still plenty of rooms for improvements!

Xiao Ming

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