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Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Year Resolutions 2010

1. Behave myself. Especially my bloody mouth. Talk less craps.

2. Make more time for studies. Must obtain at least a pass for each unit!

3. Reduce time spent on non-academic internet surfing to 30 minutes a day. Cannot blog more than once in one fortnight. - Holidays not included.

4. Go beach jogging at least once a week.

5. Okay. A more realistic goal than previous year. Need to slim down at least 8 kilos!

6. Quit cheap snacks in campus. Should be able to resist a 50% mark-down on the price tags of canteen foods.

7. Speak proper English in all occasions. Hoping to reduce the excessive usage of -lah, -meh, or yakah..

8. Spend more time watching online sermons, strengthening my faith in the midst of hardships.

9. Get a second job before winter holiday starts.

10. Fix the old guitar, learn some new songs.

Friends, please remind me about these resolutions once a while and check if I'm doing the right thing! =] Thanks!

Wishing everyone a fantastic year of Tiger! rawrrr!

Xiao Ming


themisswong said...

Hahahaha!!! not bad resolutions...but need some corrections/opinions :P
@2: u already get more than a pass for each unit =.="
@3: ur hardly on internet and u hardly blog either!
@6: so not gonna help u with that...its half-price!! why resist, they are all so expensive...
@7: LOL! no one cares about that...well maybe ur aunt hahahaha...just ignore her, as long as ur understandable its not bad
@8: online that how u gonna spend ur "30mins" of internet time....bit boring...u can talk to me instead LOL!!
@9: gd luck!
@10: did not know u played guitar!! :O


Happy New Year!
May your dream come true :)

♥ Nerii said...

hmm.i'm in melbourne studying year 10 lahh :P school is really fun , so how's your life in perth ? getting used to it ?

♥ Nerii said...

haha hmm i'm in melbourne studying year 10 lahhh :D well school is really enjoyable . so how's your life in perth ? getting used to it ?