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Monday, January 4, 2010

What a GIRL wants

To be honest with you all, I'm not a fan of Twilight saga. I remember when the first movie of the series was screened for the first time, Edward instantly became the most admirable fair-skinned(or pale looking) creature on earth. That's a time when pictures of Edward and Bella were seen almost everywhere. Facebook, Friendster, and even on friends' lappy wallpaper."He is.... Hot", sexy", cute", charming", juicy", you name it; over-praising Edward had almost become a daily ritual for girls. ( I'm not jealous-lah) :P

But even before I can fathom this absurdly abnormal phenomenon, Jacob appeared and replaced Edward's status as the sexiest figure in the story. Poor Ed, you rose at first, and then fell because you are obviously lacking something which Jacob possesses - the firm,bronze/tanned and six-packed abs.

Girls are mean, that's a fact I've learned from past experience. Girls fantasize good looking men. And girls love abs and "big guns" too, just look at what happened to Edward and you'll know why.

I'm not crapping here, I'm telling the truth.
I've even found a comment left by a girl of conscience in YouTube to support the 'craps' i wrote here.



Xiao Ming

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