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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Anwar Wins with 15k Majority 安华万五多数票稳赢巴埬埔

Based on an unofficial updates from the election centers, Anwar is currently leading with a majority of 15671 votes over his Barisan Opponent, Arif Shah. This means that the PKR Leader has already successfully secured his P44 Permatang Pauh Parliamental seat, winning the historical by-election.

Reformasi! Reformation!改革!

(special thx to Angel for the accurate update on the number of majority:P)

xiao ming


Angel said... 15671..haha..more accurate! XD

Live Station said...

wah..... even more accurate!

thanks for that.. gonna change that later.:P

girls like politics? not too many i've seen!

Angel said... name appear on other's blog..feel so nice..lolz..not necessary to like it la..but have to know la..

Live Station said...

good good good..

young people have to be like that

must know everything!

haha... u still got mood to go watch the parade ar?

holiday must sleep until 12pm one mah...:P

Anonymous said...