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Life Is Too Short,
Break The Rules, Forgive Quickly,
Kiss Slowly, Love Truly,
Laugh Uncontrollably,
And Never Regret Anything
That Made You Smile.
Life May Not Be The Party
We Hoped For,
But While We're Here, We Should Dance...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Keep Moving On? Or Stop at Where I Am Now?

It is really discouraging sometimes for not getting any reply from life. When I shouted at myself once, I feel good and calm after that. But after the second time, the third;the fourth.... I started to feel the lonliness inside of me. It is haunting me. It is hunting me.

I finally decided to start using this tiny little space as my private chamber of thought. And hopefully this blog will serve me as a place where I can express my unhappiness, and at least, with somebody else listening to it.

I will remain anonymous. Good Bye the real me.

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